At the MHRIC, our goal is to support school districts in every way possible to improve their workflow. One thing that is ever constant is the advancement of technology. Just when you think you have learned all you need to know, some new piece of technology comes along that will help you with your day to day tasks.

Our job in the Technology Support Service (TSS) is to offer training on all those products that a district may use in their everyday duties. Classes from Excel to Word to Access and all Microsoft applications along with Google, Chrome, and many other applications are offered through this service. Districts can choose from a variety of classes held at the MHRIC or request special classes. Each district and Board Member is invited to come to any class free of charge with membership. Additionally, all TSS districts are invited to attend our semi-annual Office Professional Institute (OPI) for a full day of training on at least 4 topics. The current list of TSS districts is here.

Districts can be a member of TSS or Office Automation (OA) or both. Membership in OA is geared toward individual help at the district on applications. Additionally, an MHRIC specialist will be assigned to the district to offer support in the district on software or to design a plan to increase efficiency in the district. The current list of OA districts is here.

Photo of instructor and student at OPI training

Office Professional Institute - March 2019

In Case of Inclement Weather: Is the class cancelled? Is it delayed? How will I know?

Please call the MHRIC at 255-1450 x5000 and listen to the message. If there is no special message, the class will run at the scheduled time. If we have a delay, the class will be cancelled. If we cancel a class, we will make every attempt to reschedule & notify you of the new date. Please do not pay attention to what the radio says for Ulster BOCES.

Photo of woman taking notes at OPI training
Photo of two women at OPI training