Technical Services

MHRIC Help Desk

The MHRIC prides itself in excellent customer service and support. Utilizing the Help Desk can often shorten the issue resolution time.

If you have an application or technical issue or are just not sure about something, we urge you to call the MHRIC Help Desk. The Help Desk is staffed with competent and courteous professionals that are dedicated to resolving customers’ issues. The Help Desk hours are 7 AM to 4 PM, Monday thru Friday with summer hours 7 AM to 3:30 PM and can be reached at (845) 255-1450 extension 1200.

To help facilitate issue resolution, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Can you describe exactly what the problem is that you are experiencing?
  • What were you doing just before you noticed the problem you are experiencing?
  • When did the problem begin?
  • Are you attached to a network? If so, what kind of network are you attached? Does the problem occur if you disconnect from the network?
  • The Help Desk will verify the Operating System the customer is using.
  • What was running when the problem occurred?
  • Does the problem occur in any other application?
  • How long had the system been running when the problem occurred?
  • Has any new software or hardware been added? If so, was the system working before it was added? Have you tried to remove it?
  • Has the system been moved or dropped recently?
  • Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  • Have you had this problem before? If so, when?
  • Has anything changed since this issue started? What has changed in the environment (new equipment, construction, liquid spills, etc.)?
  • Do you experience this issue on another computer/device/network?
  • What impact does this issue have on you, or your team, or department?
  • Can you go to another user's desk and try your application and see if it works there?

The goal is to resolve as many problems as possible on the first call (Level One). If the Help Desk is unable to resolve your issue, these issues are documented in a call tracking system and assigned to the appropriate Level Two technicians or applications support staff. Depending on the severity and urgency of your issue you will receive regular updates on status and a timely response.

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