Frontline Medicaid

In 1988, an amendment to the Social Security Act provided statutory authority for School Supportive Health Services Program (SSHSP), also known as Medicaid in Education, by allowing Medicaid coverage of medical services included in the Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) of students with disabilities. The purpose of SSHSP is to provide Medicaid reimbursement to school districts, §4201 schools and counties for certain diagnostic and health support services provided to Medicaid-eligible students with disabilities. The SSHSP applies to students from age three years up to their 21st birthday.

Helpful Links

Please use the links below to access the Medicaid handbook, Medicaid Alerts or training materials.

Scope of Services

Frontline Medicaid and Medicaid Toolkit

Frontline Medicaid is a web-based innovative tool for managing Medicaid claiming and direct billing as per the New York State School/Preschool Supportive Health Services Program. Frontline Medicaid may be used as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with Frontline IEP. When linked with Frontline IEP, useful validation rules are activated to assist with determining and maximizing valid reimbursement claims. Frontline Medicaid includes a wide range of reports useful for maintaining eligibility, claiming, and remittance records.

Add-On: Frontline Medicaid Toolkit. The Toolkit is a powerful analytic and reporting tool, designed to significantly increase Medicaid Reimbursement. This add-on gives your district a clear picture of the potential Medicaid claiming and allows you to set realistic goals in maximizing reimbursement. In addition, it will assist the district to identify, prioritize and act fast on date sensitive billing for the highest potential opportunities in reaching these goals.

Support Includes:

  • Implementation Support (Year 1)
    • Arrange and participate in Implementation Planning Meeting
    • Assist with the setup of Frontline Medicaid
    • Arrange and participate in up to one day of on-site support/training
    • Frontline Medicaid documentation as needed
    • Arrange and participate in GoToMeetings on an as needed basis
    • Arrange and participate in training session scheduled at the MHRIC
    • Arrange and participate in user group meeting scheduled at the MHRIC
    • Telephone support

    • Year 1 and On-Going
      • Telephone support
      • Arrange and participate in GoToMeetings on an as needed basis
      • Arrange and participate in user group meeting scheduled at the MHRIC
      • Provide up to one on-site training day per year, based on district request.

    District Responsibilities:

      • Maintain and update all necessary data and tables in Frontline IEP and Medicaid
      • Designate a person-of-contact for the MHRIC to work with to maintain system fidelity
      • Participate in the Implementation Planning Meeting scheduling and ensuring that all district stakeholders are notified and encouraged to attend training sessions
      • Host on-site professional learning events, planned in conjunction with the MHRIC, and encourage attendance by all district stakeholders to ensure staff proficiency
      • Notify the MHRIC of any issues with the system, or to arrange for training days.