Emergency Management Services


Share911 is a private and secure enterprise social network dedicated to emergency response that connects administration, employees, 911 and police/fire/rescue/EMS personnel, empowering everyone to share critical information with one another in real time. When an emergency is happening in your district, Share911 notifies you immediately and provides administrators and public safety incident commanders with unprecedented real-time visibility to see what’s happening—showing you who needs help and who doesn’t. With Share911, you can account for all of your employees and students in seconds and keep everyone informed of what is happening during an incident.

This cloud-hosted software is accessible by mobile, desktop, laptop, and any personal device with access to the internet. The MHRIC will work with your district to obtain email addresses, set up the application, and train staff. This product is easy to use and could be a great addition to your school district’s security plan. Over 2,000 schools nationwide have implemented Share911.


CrisisGo is a mobile safety platform that provides schools with a safety suite that empowers administrators, staff, and students by transforming their smartphones and mobile devices into safety assistants. The CrisisGo platform helps schools increase awareness, achieve faster response times, and report all incidents.

The Full Suite Experience

The Safety Suite offered by CrisisGo includes a variety of tools and features that create a comprehensive platform to manage your safety needs.

Our full suite includes:

  • Alert: Organization-wide audible notification.
  • Panic: One-way notification tool for an isolated crisis.
  • Bully and Tips: An intuitive reporting system for all safety threats.
  • Checklist: Role-based step-by-step emergency instructions.
  • Roster: Comprehensive class list with student’s emergency contact information.
  • Safety Calendar: Resource for automating safety education.
  • Dashboard: A control center for monitoring all activity and reviewing data.

  • CrisisGo currently has three free offers that include tools from our Safety Suite. These offers include:

    Mobile Panic Button

    With a single click of a button on their smartphone, any staff member can ask for help or report a situation to their safety team.

    Bully & Tip Reporting

    Students and staff members can discreetly report any safety issues, including bully-related activity, directly to the school safety team. Students can choose to report anonymously.

    Mobile Emergency Response Plans

    Receive mobile access to your emergency plans, emergency maps, and how-to documents; two-way communication messaging with specific message groups; and an emergency checklist with actionable sets of instructions that can be individualized based on each staff member’s role within the organization.