Physical Security Services

Student and staff’s security are of utmost concern for all school districts and staying up on the latest technology is a daunting task. The MHRIC’s security service allows districts to work with industry security specialists as well as local law enforcement to keep abreast of security technology, State Education Department (SED) requirements and local resources available to your school district.

The security service includes: video surveillance, door access control for perimeter security, panic devices, visitor management systems, radios for district communication from building to building & building to buses, and emergency communication applications which allows staff to report and receive critical information during a school incident/drill. Security Assessment, Planning and Training vendors are also available to work with districts. School Security Regional Collaboration (SSRC) meetings are held multiple times a year providing networking security opportunities across districts and presentations by security experts.

Help Desk assistance is available Monday – Friday for problem solving and call routing to network experts.

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Tenisha Lane

Tenisha Lane

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Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00pm

845-255-1450 ext. 1330

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