Simbli Board Management Software

At eBOARDsolutions, our mission is helping boards lead and govern effectively and operate efficiently – and our customers tell us we’re really good at it. Developed by the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA), our board management software, Simbli, helps boards automate and simplify everyday tasks through software that facilitates paperless meetings, strategic planning, policy management, board evaluations, document management, and communications.

Effective boards do more than just conduct meetings. They communicate regularly, plan strategically, manage board policy, and measure performance through ongoing evaluation. Simbli’s board management software includes a suite of integrated modules that help streamline all of these activities, helping boards maximize productivity and stay focused and aligned on the things that matter most.

Simbli offers six modules – Meetings, Policy, Planning, Evaluations, Communications, and Documents.  All modules seamlessly interface with each other, but can be purchased separately to fit your district's needs.  To learn more about each of these modules, visit 

Meeting Management 

  • Manage all of your meetings—not just board meetings—in one, convenient location.
  • Provide the appropriate level of access for each user through custom user roles and permissions.
  • Create custom workflows for submitting and approving agenda items for specific meetings.
  • Search archived meetings and quickly sort by meeting type, date and more.
  • Easily create and deliver meeting minutes and record votes.

Document Management 

  • Upload, manage, and share all of the boards documents in a safe, secure location.
  • Upload virtually any file type, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or graphics.
  • Create folders to classify and manage all of your board documents.
  • Set folder and file permissions for either public or private access.
  • Receive instant updates when files have been added or changed.

Board Evaluations

  • Manage multiple types of evaluations, including board self-assessment, leader evaluations, organizational reviews and others.
  • Create your own, or use built in templates for board self-assessment, superintendent evaluations, and AdvancED™ District and School Accreditation.
  • Create action plans for improvement for each evaluation to more effectively drive change.
  • Load text, links, supporting documents, policies, or performance measures as evidence within an evaluation.
  • Review built-in reports and provide feedback and opportunities for improvement to all stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

  • Manage all plan types including strategic, operational, technology, facilities and school improvement.
  • Align your plan with your meetings, policies and evaluations.
  • View, download and print your plans in a variety of formats including map, plan detail, data sheet or calendar view.
  • Filter plans by status, department, person responsible, due date and more.
  • Quickly search all of your reports to find exactly what you need.
  • Manage editing capabilities and access to private and public plans.

Board Communications

  • Streamline communications with all stakeholders, creating separate channels for internal and public viewers.
  • Create public or private calendars, controlling visibility and administration rights via permissions.
  • Share updates, such as board or performance results, via public, private or news feeds.
  • Quickly access news items with date or keyword search.
  • Automatically post meeting agenda links to your calendar of choice.

Policy Management

  • Manage your board policies, administrative regulations, procedures and exhibits—all in one place.
  • Create and manage multiple manual types including student or staff handbook, school safety manual, business continuity plan, financial or IT procedures manual, and many more.
  • Keep track of policy updates with easy access to archived versions of policies.
  • Link policies to evaluations, meeting agenda items, leader evaluations and your strategic plan.
  • Post draft policies for public review and provide stakeholders opportunity to comment prior to adoption.