Simbli by eBOARDsolutions

“eBOARDsolutions has a long, rich history of serving boards throughout the United States. Founded in 2007, eBOARDsolutions was originally developed to help the Georgia School Boards Association member boards increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Almost a decade later, eBOARDsolutions has more than 500 customers in 25 states, a renewal rate of 98%, and ten years of service in helping school boards, nonprofits, and governments across the U.S. get more done every day.”

Simbli: Our Story

“Simbli features four core integrated modules that help boards maximize productivity, bringing together meetings, planning, policies, and evaluations into one, easy-to-use board management software solution. Although each module is strong alone, the power to drive more effective board governance and achieve organizational excellence lies in their ability to work together. And with our iPad app and web browser accessibility, your board and its stakeholders can always get the information they need — anywhere, at any time.”