Heartland’s WebSMARTT Food Service Management system is a powerful program which utilizes SQL server replication to communicate data between school sites and the food service central office. The replication process allows transactions, meal statuses, and changes to student records to be updated in the system at regularly scheduled intervals. WebSMARTT can be integrated with other district applications, such as student management systems and MHRIC support automated calling systems.

WebSMARTT features include POS touch-screen registers, meal application processing, Direct Certification matching, and a Verification processing utility. There is an assortment of daily reports available for bank deposits, transaction tracking, sales and meal counts, reimbursements, and for other state and federal requirements. Heartland also provides an online payment and account monitoring solution called MySchoolBucks.

The support team uses LogMeIn remote access software to connect to district food service computers and POS terminals for troubleshooting and training purposes. On-site training and technical support is also available to our districts as needed; please email foodservice@mhric.org.

The MHRIC support team provides the following services:

  • Consultation and planning with district personnel.
  • Project management.
  • Installation and configuration.
  • Nightly import of student information from the student management system.
  • Nightly import (optional) of WebSMARTT free and reduced data to update the student management system for the purpose of updating the NYS data repository.
  • On-site and remote application training.
  • On-site, email and telephone, and remote diagnostic support.
  • Assistance with Direct Certification matching.
  • Assistance with verification processing.
  • End of Year and Start of Year processing.
  • Annual User Group Meeting to review software updates, regulatory changes, and best practices.

Scope of Services

WebSMARTT Ongoing Support

The WebSMARTT Foodservice Accountability and Management Software is a Web-based application, utilizing Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in school cafeterias. WebSMARTT provides school district Food Service departments accurate data on all customer accounts, menu items, free and reduced meal applications, and revenue. Students are assigned unique identification numbers for secure use. WebSMARTT generates accurate state reports and records all meal transactions.

The Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center works closely with districts to implement and provide ongoing support for the WebSMARTT system.

WebSMARTT MHRIC Application Support

  • Dedicated support team
  • Telephone support for Food Service Director and Site Managers
  • Remote diagnostics/support via LogMeIn
  • Daily import of student demographic data from student management system (where possible)
  • Assistance with meal items and keyboard changes
  • Ongoing training via GoToAssist or LogMeIn
  • Access to training manuals and program documentation
  • Annual User Group Meetings
  • Assistance with running the Direct Certification Matching utility in WebSMARTT
  • Assistance with verification selection using the WebSMARTT verification utility
  • End of Year and Start of Year processing assistance
  • (Some support may be limited if the Student Management System is not supported by the MHRIC)

    WebSMARTT District Food Service Department Responsibilities

    • Contact your NYS Child Nutrition representative at the NYS Child Nutrition Program Office for any questions regarding school food service program regulations and policies including, but not limited to, free and reduced application processing, direct certification, verification and direct verification processing
    • Download Direct Certification data files from the NYS Child Nutrition Management System for processing via the WebSMARTT Direct Certification utility
    • Review and verify accuracy of Direct Certification matched and non-matched records in WebSMARTT
    • Provide MHRIC Support Staff with all requested information for End of Year and Start of Year processing

    WebSMARTT MHRIC Technical Support

    • Access to MHRIC Help Desk
    • Ongoing telephone support
    • Remote diagnostics/support via LogMeIn
    • Installation of program updates/enhancements as needed
    • Hardware recommendations and procurement of food service workstations, POS devices, and Pin Pad devices
    • Configuration of Food Service Workstations purchased through the MHRIC Coser
    • Coordination of POS and PIN pad replacements
    • Update of student photos in system for display on POS terminals (district is responsible for providing photos to WebSMARTT staff)

    WebSMARTT District Technical Responsibilities

    • Provide Static Private IP addresses, if necessary, for each WebSMARTT network device, which may include computers, touch screen terminals, printers, etc.
    • Allow district WebSMARTT devices to be accessible via LogMeIn remote software by modifying firewalls and content filters to allow access to LogMeIn Servers on secure port 443
    • Notify MHRIC of any relocation of equipment purchased through MHRIC for insurance purposes (such equipment must be attached to a service/application supported by MHRIC)
    • If using district-owned PC's, WebSMARTT user must have administrative rights to local PC
    • If district opts to use alternate Virus-Scan software, district technology staff is responsible for insuring virus software is kept up to date
    • Provide LifeTouch or other vendor student photo CD to be imported into WebSMARTT. Photos must be provided in a JPEG format and labeled by Student ID
    • Provide telephone access in close proximity to WebSMARTT Central Office and site manager PC’s for troubleshooting support
    • Provide all printer consumables