Financial Management

MHRIC Financial Services assists school districts in the processing of financial and administrative data for everything from payroll to employer federal reporting and everything in-between. The MHRIC has researched the most effective suite of technologies and provides training, support and planning services to help lessen the burden on your district’s Business Office. With the ever-evolving scope of financial information, the effective implementation of the right software systems can make better use of valuable staff-person hours, reducing error rates while improving efficiency. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finance management, so we offer several choices of software systems with all of the training and support you need to succeed with a customized solution tailored to your organization.

Support services from the MHRIC are offered in person, electronically, and over the phone, with support personnel available during regular business hours to serve your needs on your schedule.

MHRIC Financial Services’ training includes software, ongoing application training, and yearly User Group training for fiscal and calendar year-end processing to keep your district current with new trends and regulations.

Contact MHRIC Financial Services at 845-255-1450 x1255 to find out what Financial Services can do to streamline your district.

Scope of Services

Ongoing Financial Services Support

The MHRIC Financial Application Support charges include:

  • Training in MHRIC labs
  • Remote individual and group training sessions
  • New employee application training
  • Troubleshooting application issues by phone, on-site and shadowing
  • Downloading periodic copies of district database for support purposes
  • Conducting user group meetings to review fiscal and calendar year-end routines and introduce new application features
  • Applying application software patches to incorporate new features
  • Applying database upgrades
  • In the event of district emergencies, providing space at the MHRIC, PCs, and printers for district personnel to complete essential payroll and AP check runs
  • Providing technical phone support for district technicians
  • Conducting periodic efficiency reviews of district procedures to better utilize the Financial Software application
  • Maintaining permissions access for greater district security. District must give MHRIC (5) business days to add new permissions. Any user access permissions must be authorized by Business Official in writing. District must give MHRIC (10) business days if user training is required.
  • Providing annual security reports to Business Officials for review and revision
  • Assisting district personnel in solving district specific issues within the software
  • Cooperative bidding available for necessary forms, checks and supplies
  • Special seminars and workshops that focus on the needs of the business office
  • Nightly Backup for MHRIC hosted districts
  • District hosted Financial Software backups are the responsibility of the district.

The Financial Services Division of the Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center (MHRIC) supports financial software in component school districts in Ulster, Orange, Dutchess, and Sullivan counties. In order to support each district, Financial Services Specialists need appropriate security rights to access databases for training and support purposes. The Financial Services Department must have access to any district-based server that houses the Financial software that it supports for the purpose of administering district permissions in the software, applying updates to the financial software, troubleshooting issues, and making backup copies of the database. The Financial Services division has the following protocols regarding these rights:

  • MHRIC Financial Services Specialists assist and support district staff on the functionality of the Financial Software supported by the Financial Services division of the MHRIC.
  • Financial Services Specialists will not enter data in a district database without the express, written permission of the district unless district provided data is being converted. When data is converted, final reports will be printed and given to district for verification approval.

Financial Services Specialists do not give accounting or payroll advice to district personnel. This includes but is not limited to:

  • What journal entries to make
  • What account codes are appropriate to use for purchases or other transactions
  • Tax advice

Other Service Items

  • A Financial Services Specialist may take a copy of a live database and place it in a secure partition on a MHRIC server. This allows the specialist to troubleshoot and investigate issues as part of the normal technological process to assist and resolve a district’s problem or concern.
  • A Financial Services Specialist may take copies of district data to use for training district personnel on their own data. This has proven to be the best method of training district staff as they are working with data that is familiar to them.
  • The MHRIC does not retain any district signature files.
  • Updated training materials to coincide with new software releases.
  • MHRIC Financial Services Specialists do not advise district personnel on district specific protocols.
  • MHRIC does not submit any financial information to any individual, business, or other entity on behalf of the district.

Implementation of New Financial System

Standard data items converted in from current district software (in electronic format):

  • Employee demographics (Name, address, etc.)
  • Employee Retirement
  • Deductions
  • Direct Deposit information
  • Tax Withholding information
  • Employee Earnings
  • Attendance
  • Civil Service
  • Employee Fiscal To Date/Calendar To Date earnings (summary, no detail)
  • Vendors
  • Chart of accounts
  • Carry forward General Ledger balances
  • Carry forward purchase orders
  • Other information may be converted at additional cost to district

Approximate # of training sessions-Scope and type:

  • Payroll (total of 7 training days, includes some half days)
    • Overview of employee types/information screens
    • “Hands on” training
    • Table building
    • Timesheet utility
    • Negotiations
    • Employee earnings and deductions
    • Retirement and government reporting
    • Payroll A – Z
    • Statistical (Parallel) Payroll

MHRIC will be on site at district for first live payroll and if needed for second live payroll.

  • Accounting (total of 7 training days, includes some half days)
    • Overview
    • Table maintenance
    • Purchase Orders, payroll PO, disbursements
    • More disbursements, T&A, Medicare reimbursement
    • Cash receipts, journal entries
    • Utilities, Queries, reports, PO printing, bank rec.
    • Budget entry
    • Clean up session

MHRIC will be on site for first accounting check run.

  • Remote Requisition (total of ½ training day per 15 staff members)

**Training sessions take place on MHRIC campus unless otherwise noted**

Additional training days may be required and scheduled as needed. Full participation of all applicable district staff is required.

Also included:

  • Full site survey conducted by MHRIC technical staff in conjunction with district technician(s).
  • Assistance with table setup (Employee Types, Earning frequencies, Deduction frequencies, deduction codes, buildings)
  • Coordination of check orders
  • Direct deposit test file creation to be run and submitted by district.
  • Test check printing
  • Client desktop installations or Citrix depending on whether server is at district or MHRIC.
  • Hardware procurement if needed.
  • Forms provided to district to record changes made in current system after data extract.
  • Signature disk creation for accounting and payroll.


Q: What if I forget my password?

A: Password change requests can be sent to This email address is monitored throughout the day and someone will respond quickly to assist.

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