Warehousing Applications

BARS on the Web

BARS is the BOCES Assessment Reporting System and provides access to assessment reports containing student assessment results, resources for targeted instruction, standards and subskill analysis and comparisons and distractor reports.


NYSED Business Portal

The NYSED Business Portal is an application portal dashboard with public links and links to secure applications requiring a login.


Level 0

Level 0 is a database maintained at the RIC with data for public districts, BOCES, charter and non-public schools. It is considered the staging area for data to be migrated to Levels 1 and 2. User accounts are maintained, at district request, by the MHRIC.

Download authorization form for user accounts here.


Level 1 Reporting (L1RPT)

Level 1 reporting provides access to student and assessment data. User accounts are maintained, at district request, by the MHRIC.


Level 2 Reporting (L2RPT)

Provides access to state-designed verification reports that will be used for accountability status and other public release. User accounts are maintained by the Superintendent or designee through the State Education Department Delegated Account System.


SIRS Documentation

The SIRS manual provides guidance on reporting data to the New York State Education Department via the Student Information Repository System.


Level 0 Historical

The Level 0 Historical application is used to update and/or correct student and/or staff records in a previous school year. Users must be entitled to Level 0 Historical through the SEDDAS application in the NYSED Business Portal.


How To Locate L1C Errors