Data Administrator Institute (DAI)


  • 10 sessions (includes attendance at quarterly District Data Coordinator Meetings)
    • Presentation
    • Discussion
    • Hands-on activities


  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the role of the Data Administrator (District Data Coordinator)
  • To develop a deeper understanding of data management, data integrity, data cleansing and the ethical use of data
  • To develop effective data teams at the district level to ensure data accuracy, consistency
  • To establish an understanding of SED reporting requirements
  • To correlate data management practices to effective analysis and use of data
  • To identify data gaps and appropriate means of collecting and recording data
  • To create a culture of sound data management, meaningful reporting and data-driven decision making
  • To develop effective District Data Coordinators capable of replicating the objectives at the district level

The Data Administrator Institute is a program for those acting as the data administrator (district data coordinator) in their school district. The Data Administrator Institute curriculum will cover areas such as establishing data teams, defining and implementing data standards, identifying data sources and gaps, state reporting requirements, understanding the tools and resources available and presenting meaningful data to promote and enhance data driven decision-making.

The Data Administrator Institute provides training and support well beyond the basic tools such as Level 0 and available reporting tools. This is a comprehensive program that focuses on data accuracy, timeliness and use with various audiences. As the central point of contact for data collection activities in a school district, the district data coordinator is key to initiating cross-departmental discussions and data management strategies that not only facilitate the data verification and certification processes, but, more importantly, create a culture of data understanding and use.

Participants in the Data Administrator Institute will have access to specific data presentation models and other support materials and resources designed to complement the curriculum and promote district, building and classroom level discussions around data.

Please contact Michelle Ruggio for more information at 845-255-1450 Ext. 1335 or

Scope of Service


What Our Students Are Saying:

"DAI has shown me the 'big picture' when it comes to data. Not only is data a team process, but there are multiple facets to it, which I did not realize before. With Michelle's guidance, I've gained the insight to manage a data team and how to use all the tools I have at my disposal. Thank you, Michelle!"

"The institute has helped me to better communicate the team approach in verification and collection and analysis of data."

"I am better able to carry out the role (Data Coordinator) because of DAI!"

"DAI is a great resource. It has helped me to review our need for data teams within the district."

"[DAI has taught me] the importance of building a team to get the job done [and] the impact of gaps in data on funding - inaccuracy has consequences."

"[DAI has given me a] better understanding of Data requirements and timelines which will help me to form my own streamlined process for managing data. It has helped identify the team players I should be connecting with regularly."

"I realized how much data has an impact on every part of education...when I thought I had a small role in the reporting, I realized it branched out to more areas..."

"The institute provided me with a better understanding of data privacy and also gave me the resources to help others understand. I added a component on data integrity to our new teacher orientation."

"The institute helped me see and understand my role as a facilitator for the data process and the need to create/build an educated team to execute the process."

"This institute helped me to be more confident when approaching Administration on areas that I need to take control of."

"[DAI] caused me to rethink the importance of the role I was in as a new addition to the team."

Photo of DAI Students 2019