Data Coordinator Services

Under the Level 4 Shared Data Coordinator Service, the data management team at the MHRIC fills the role of the district data coordinator, taking responsibility for key reporting, data submission, and coordination of verification requirements as they relate to state reporting under the Student Information Repository System (SIRS). All costs are eligible for BOCES state aid for management services. This service was first offered in the 2010-11 school year, and the MHRIC data management team now successfully supports 13 school districts.

The MHRIC Shared District Data Coordinator has experience and is trained in all aspects of New York State SIRS data collection and reporting requirements. For each district, an administrative point of contact is established. We work with this contact to establish data teams, define district reporting requirements and state accountability standards, communicate reporting timelines and deadlines, and establish data verification and cleansing structures and reporting processes.

Extracts from source systems and imports to Level 0 are managed by the team, and we work with district staff to resolve validation errors as data files are migrated to the state repository.

Training needs for district and building administrators, support personnel and other staff responsible for data maintenance and verification are identified and training is delivered on key collection systems.

Districts participating in this service receive report sets through the Certify validation system to proactively address reporting errors and inform training needs

Team approach to data management support with resources from other MHRIC departments.

Coordination of all SIRS data collection and reporting activities with supporting documentation and materials to facilitate processes at the district level.

Early warning reports showing data reporting violations on a daily basis.

MHRIC staff participate in statewide data warehouse project managers' meetings hosted by the New York State Education Department approximately every six weeks and are able to provide early notification of new data reporting requirements to our supported districts.

Scope of Service