Data Management

With increased data collection and reporting requirements at the local, State, and Federal levels, the need for consistent, accurate student data is greater than ever. The experienced staff at the MHRIC can assist districts with addressing this critical area.


Our Data Coordinator team will work with your district to provide support for your information and reporting needs. The team will assist your district personnel with establishing procedures to organize information efficiently and securely for accurate data reporting. The team will consult with school personnel for system requirements and processes, and fulfill the duties associated with the District Data Coordinator. Your district will have a designated point of contact from the Data Coordinator team who will meet regularly with the superintendent or other designated district-level administrator. Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Develop and communicate a timeline of data collection and reporting activities and deadlines
  • Work with district personnel to establish a data verification/cleansing structure
  • Work with district personnel to establish data collection and reporting procedures (i.e. registration and enrollment processes)
  • Provide advice and guidance on the verification/cleansing of state accountability data by working within the verification/cleansing structure to ensure data accuracy and completeness
  • Facilitate communication between district departments as it relates to state data collection and reporting activities
  • Deliver training on key data collection systems (i.e. Level 0, L1RPT, L2RPT)
  • Import data from the MHRIC-supported source systems (Student Management System [SMS,] Human Resources [HR] and IEP Direct) to the Level 0 database
  • Identify validation errors at Level 0 and work with appropriate district personnel to make the necessary corrections in the source system(s)
  • Move clean data from Level 0 to Level 1 regional data warehouse
  • Work with district and building administrators to review accountability reports for accuracy and completeness
  • Work with the administrative point of contact to obtain superintendent’s signed statement of certification prior to deadline(s) determined by the NYSED

PER DIEM ON-SITE SUPPORT 605.101.003-004, 605.101.009

MHRIC Data Coordinators are available for on-site support to reinforce data collection practices and procedures, assist your District Data Coordinator in their efforts, and provide customized assistance and training. Days may be purchased as single days, or in bundles of five days.

For detailed information on the Data Management services, please contact Karen Bartash at (845) 255-1450, ext. 1351.

Scope of Service