Data Management

With increased data collection and reporting requirements at the local, State, and Federal levels, the need for consistent, accurate student data is greater than ever. The experienced staff at the MHRIC can assist districts with addressing this critical area.


Through the Data Reporting Assistance Service, the MHRIC will work with districts to provide an increased level of support for district-required tasks and assist staff in ensuring data reporting readiness as mandated by the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Service Benefits

Provides a premier level of support for your LEA’s Data Warehouse/NYS Reporting

  • Includes consultation, planning, data submission, implementation, and ongoing support for functionalities available in these areas
  • Services are in addition to the base level of Data Warehouse MHRIC services that a district already purchases

Data Reporting Assistance Service is a centralized, shared service with a team approach (does not include federal CRDC reporting)

MHRIC Responsibilities

LEA Responsibilities

District Data Coordinator

  • Provide guidance to the district and the District Data Coordinator (DDC)

  • Ensure key LEAstaff are identified as a single point of contact (DDC) and a backup for both LEA internal staff, MHRIC Data Warehouse staff, and New York State Education Department
  • Provide appropriate SEDDAS and other entitlements to district staff and MHRIC Shared Data Assistance Coordinator

District Data Team

  • Help organize and advise the District Data Team (DDT)

  • Create and utilize a DDT that works with the DDC and MHRIC Shared Data Assistance Coordinator to manage the processes and procedures surrounding data collection (such as Registration/Enrollment, Staff, Special Education, and Free and Reduced Lunch), which will help safeguard that the LEA maintains clean and accurate data for NYS Data Reporting
  • Work collaboratively with internal members of the DDT to review reports and ensure data is maintained and corrected in the source system

Level 0 Import, Upload and Error Resolution

  • Import of data to Level 0 from source systems
  • Provide exports from RIC-supported source systems
  • Review Level 0 errors and provide guidance on resolution
  • After error resolution, upload of data to Level 1
  • Review L1C errors and provide guidance on resolution

  • Correct Source system errors
  • Review errors and disseminate information to appropriate personnel
  • Provide appropriate exports from non-RIC supported source systems

Level 0 Historical

  • Provide guidance
  • Answer related questions

  • Modify or add student or staff information if needed
  • Entitle DDC to make these changes

Data Reasonableness Checks

  • Review Reasonableness Reports (Level 0 &2) to ensure no major reporting gaps
  • Provide district with potential gaps in reporting

  • Review Level 2 Reasonableness Reports and take appropriate action to correct any errors/gaps in reporting

Level 2 Verification

  • Provide guidance on accessing reports
  • Inform LEA of the certification deadlines

  • Run and verify of all Level 2 Reports
  • Meet required certification deadlines

Staff Data Upload

  • Provide clarification to rules governing Staff Data reporting.
  • Imports of Staff files
  • Liaison between district and MHRIC Financial Services support (for those districts that subscribe to this MHRIC service)

  • Provide Staff files for upload for non-MHRIC-supported Human Resources System
  • Work directly with Human Resources vendor support for training and problem solving

NYSSIS Near Match Resolution

  • Act as liaison with MHRIC Data Warehouse for resolution of NYSSIS issues LEA is unable to resolve

  • Resolve all NYSSIS near matches to the best of their ability

UIAS Reports

False Dropouts False Transfers

Simultaneous Enrollment Disappearing Students

  • Provide guidance and assistance with resolution at district request

  • Review UIAS Reports
  • Engage in due diligence to determine the actual status of each student on report.
  • •Work within district and with other districts if necessary
  • •Modify Student Information System if necessary


  • Inform LEA of the data reporting deadlines

  • Communicate roles and procedures to district staff
  • Review ASAP and Tested/Not Tested reports
  • Oversight of the entire testing process

Non-SIRS Reporting


  • No Non-SIRS Reporting is included in this service

  • Handle all Non-SIRS Reporting

Support/Service Request Procedures

The process for all subscriber incidents and service requests begins by making contact with a member of the Data Reporting Assistance Team at (845) 255-1450 ext 1364, or by emailing

Contact and Escalation Procedures

Mariah Adin, Manager of Analytics and Coordinated Support Services, (845) 255-1450 ext 1246 or

Pricing for Co-Ser 605.101: MHRIC Data Reporting Assistance Service

Pricing is “Custom” and includes a Base Fee of $12,000 per district and an additional per student charge (student count based on RWADA) based on the following sliding scale:

  • First 1,500 students: $11.00/each • 1,500-3,000 students: $6.50/each • Every student above 3,000: $4.00/ each

For detailed information on the Data Management services, please contact Dr. Mariah Adin at (845) 255-1450, ext. 1246.


The MHRIC Data Reporting Mentorship Program provides individualized assistance and support to a new District Data Coordinator (CIO). Our team of Data Reporting Assistants will help participants establish data reporting and verification processes and assist with the establishment of best practices and effective timelines within the district.

Service Benefits

  • Curriculum will cover topic areas necessary for understanding the role of a District Data Coordinator
  • Prepares the Data Reporting Mentee to create and foster a culture of data understanding and use within the district
  • Access to specific data presentation models, videos, and other support materials and resources designed to complement the curriculum
  • General guidance provided as needed in a supportive atmosphere
    MHRIC Responsibilities LEA Responsibilities
    • Provide a monthly timeline to assist with planning an annual data cycle
    • Begin planning their schedule based on the provided timelines Disseminate pertinent reporting deadlines to appropriate parties within the district
    Monthly Meetings
    • Host monthly meetings covering various aspects of data reporting Host quarterly DDC meetings as well as a special post-meeting session to answer additional mentee questions
    • Attend all scheduled meetings Disseminate information learned in the sessions to appropriate parties within the district
    • Actively participate in all sessions and ask clarifying questions
    Periodic Review of Data and Best Practices
  • Periodically examine data in participant’s L1 database to identify errors/omissions Advise program participants as to best actions regarding practices and procedures Provide feedback to the Data Reporting mentee as part of the learning experience
    • Review and correct errors that are identified
    • Accept feedback and revise practices to align with best practices and procedures Respond to all emails and attend all meetings as arranged by their advisor
    Establishment of Data Teams
    • Advise on best practices for forming a data team within the district Assist program participants to craft the best data team possible within their district
    • Work with stakeholders within the district to craft a viable data team
    Effective Communication Across Departments
    • Assist program mentees with establishing effective communication with various data handlers throughout the district
    • Practice effective communication Bring areas of concern to their mentor for specific guidance
    Review of the Various Reporting Systems
    • Provide participants with exposure to reports housed in the following applications: Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 ASAP
    • Obtain access to the systems Review the reports housed in these systems Participate in all trainings on these systems
    Review of Where Data is Housed in the Student Management System
    • Advise participants how to obtain data reporting elements in the following student management systems: SchoolTool eSchoolData Infinite Campus
    • Obtain access to their SMS Review and practice finding the various data elements housed in their SMS
    Review Collection of Data for Various State and Federal Reports
    • Discuss data collection elements for various Program Services, CRDC reporting, etc.
    • Begin planning the collection of Program Services data based on the provided timelines
    • Disseminate pertinent reporting deadlines to appropriate parties within the district Practice effective communication in obtaining the necessary data elements for state reporting
    Review of End-of-Year Data Submission
    • Review end-of-year data with the mentee to help identify any potential gaps in data
    • Verify all data for end-of-year submission Bring to the attention of their mentor any areas of concern they may have for assistance and review Take under advisement any gap identification of their mentor and seek to fix the errors or issues accordingly as advised

Support/Service Request Procedures

The process for all subscriber incidents and service requests begins by making contact with a member of the Data Reporting Assistance Team at (845) 255-1450 ext 1364, or by emailing

Contact and Escalation Procedures

Mariah Adin, Manager of Analytics and Coordinated Support Services

(845) 255-1450 ext 1246 or

Pricing for Co-Ser 605.145: MHRIC Data Reporting Mentorship Program

The cost is $10,000 per participant.