SchoolMessenger Communicate

The SchoolMessenger automated notification system allows districts to easily reach parents, guardians, and staff via phone, email, text messaging and social media posts. The system can also be used to post messages to RSS feeds and trigger desktop alerts to district workstations. SchoolMessenger supports daily student imports of student demographic data, and associated parent or guardian contact information, from your student management system. The system can be integrated with other existing systems to allow for notifications regarding food service account balances, transportation information, and attendance.

SchoolMessenger includes an online and mobile App that allows parents, guardians, and staff to personalize how they receive notifications, review messages, and receive push notifications to their mobile devices whenever the district sends a message. Also included with SchoolMessenger is QuickTip, an anonymous online reporting tool which allows students, staff, parents and other stakeholders to submit tips and other feedback to school authorities.

The MHRIC support team provides implementation, initial onsite training, and ongoing end user support for SchoolMessenger. Remote training and support is provided via GoToAssist.

The MHRIC support team provides the following services:

  • Technical and Programming support for file exports from MHRIC supported Student Management System
  • Coordinate upload of student and contact and attendance data to SchoolMessenger from MHRIC supported SMS
  • SchoolMessenger system administration
  • Initial training and ongoing application support
  • Tracking of project status and district support requests in MHRIC Support Tracking Database
  • Annual user group meetings for local member districts to discuss and share their experience with the system

For SchoolMessenger support, please email

Scope of Service