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Today’s schools are awash in data – but what does it all mean? And how can your district maximize its data to really work for your district? With today’s analytics software, your district can move from reactive to proactive. Can you imagine: identifying at-risk students as early as first grade? Asking questions of your data in the same way you search on Google? Dashboards that can tell you whether the money you’re investing in educational software products is actually paying off? All of these things are possible with today’s analytics tools. Here at the MHRIC, we are evaluating the latest software products to meet your district’s analytic needs. Browse through our pages to see the software currently offered, and stay tuned as we roll out new products.

Do you have questions or does your district have specific data analysis needs you are seeking a solution to? Please email Dr. Mariah Adin or call extension 1246 at the MHRIC to discuss how we can help meet your data analytic software needs.

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