You may contact the Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center by calling 845-255-1450 and enter the extension of the person you are trying to reach.


Eugene Knudsen, Director, x1236

Donna Restaino, Administrative Secretary, x1258

Kathy Kristofik, Principal Account Clerk/Typist, x1291

Application Training/Customer Support

Noelle Zamow, Manager, x1244

John Drake, Network Systems Specialist II, x1341

Kathy Dunlavey, Coordinator – Customer Support, x1362

Charise Frost, Application Training Specialist I, x1262

Konrad Grossman, Application Training Specialist I, x1378

Financial Services/Technology Support Service (TSS)

Kathi Goodyear, Manager, x1330

Tom Beisswenger, x1237/x1255

Pam Buchwalter, x1297/x1255

Ann Campilii Lutz, x1306/x1255

Barbara Heiles, x1316

Pascale Martel, x1223

Student Services

Noelle Zamow, Manager

Student Services Support Center: 845.256.2450 Email:

Allan Benoit

Shawn Cheatham

Jacqueline Coyne

Kathleen Curran

Louisa Forrest

Pascale Louis

James Steipp

Astrida Walz

Photo of Student Services Dept.

Technical Services

Silas Whittaker, Jr. , Manager, x1372

James Arra x1325

Andrew Becker, x1331

Carl Belfiglio, x1338

Art Christensen, x1253

Tony Giametta, x1228/Help Desk x1200

Damon Grace, x1326

Shaji Koshy, x1382

Ken Kruppenbacher x1211/Help Desk x1200

Sandra Walker, Second Shift, x1226

Silas Whittaker, x1372

Photo of Computer Operator
Photo of two couriers/drivers
Photo of 1 courier/driver

Testing and Special Services/Analytics & Coordinated Support Services

Dr. Mariah Adin

Analytics & Coordinated Support Services Manager, x1246

Data Management

Photo of Karen BartashKaren Bartash x1351/x1364

Photo of Helen GutfreundHelen Gutfreund x1210/x1364

Photo of Denise Olsen

Denise Olsen x1247/x1364

Photo of Denise Olsen

Michelle Ruggio x1335/x1364

Photo of Pamela WalkowiakPamela Walkowiak x1371/x1364


Photo of Ken

Kenneth Lohmeyer, x1254

Photo of Klajdi

Klajdi Ziaj, x1321

Special Education

Photo of Susan

Susan Alexander x1352/x1241

Testing & Reporting

Photo of SamanthaSamantha Stokas x1233/x1220

Loretta Zaoutis x1212/x1220

Rosemary Zesutek x1285/x1220