You may contact the Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center by calling 845-255-1450 and enter the extension of the person you are trying to reach.


Eugene Knudsen, Director, x1236

Donna Restaino, Administrative Secretary, x1258

Kathy Kristofik, Principal Account Clerk/Typist, x1291

Application Training/Customer Support

Noelle Zamow, Manager, x1244

John Drake, Network Systems Specialist II, x1341

Kathy Dunlavey, Coordinator – Customer Support, x1362

Charise Frost, Application Training Specialist I, x1262

Konrad Grossman, Application Training Specialist I, x1378

Financial Services/Technology Support Service (TSS)

Kathi Goodyear, Manager, x1330

Tom Beisswenger, x1237/x1255

Pam Buchwalter, x1297/x1255

Ann Campilii Lutz, x1306/x1255

Barbara Heiles, x1316

Joanne Hudela, x1270

Pascale Martel, x1223

Student Services

Noelle Zamow, Manager

Student Services Support Center: 845.256.2450 Email:

Kathleen Curran

Louisa Forrest

Ken Lohmeyer

Pascale Louis

Michelle Melendez

Valerie Scott

James Steipp

Astrida Walz

Photo of Student Services Dept.

Technical Services

Patrick Carr, Technical Services Manager, x1235

James Arra x1325

Andrew Becker, x1331

Carl Belfiglio, x1338

Art Christensen, x1253

Tony Giametta, x1228/Help Desk x1200

Damon Grace, x1326

Ken Kruppenbacher x1211/Help Desk x1200

Sandra Walker, Second Shift, x1226

Silas Whittaker, x1372

Photo of Computer Operator
Photo of two couriers/drivers
Photo of 1 courier/driver

Testing and Special Services/Analytics & Coordinated Support Services

Dr. Mariah Adin

Analytics & Coordinated Support Services Manager, x1246

Data Management

Photo of Karen BartashKaren Bartash x1351/x1364

Photo of Helen GutfreundHelen Gutfreund x1210/x1364

Photo of Denise Olsen

Denise Olsen x1247/x1364

Photo of Denise Olsen

Michelle Ruggio x1335/x1364

Photo of Pamela WalkowiakPamela Walkowiak x1371/x1364


Dorene Shepherd, x1292

Klajdi Ziaj, x1321

Special Education

Photo of Susan

Susan Alexander x1352/x1241

Photo of Casey

Casey Larsen x1203/x1241

Testing & Reporting

Photo of SamanthaSamantha Stokas x1233/x1220

Loretta Zaoutis x1212/x1220

Rosemary Zesutek x1285/x1220