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4 Ways to Attend Meetings on the iPad
5 Real Ways Educators Are Using iPads
5 Tips for Reading on the iPad
10 of the Best Apps for Higher Education - Jan 24, 2011
A Different Way of Handling AUP's
A Week with an iPad in School - April 2010
An e_Step Forward - June 15, 2010
Apple's Guided Tour of the iPad(Videos)
Apple's Volume Purchasing Program for the AppStore
Around the Corner: A List of Educational Uses/Apps for the iPad
Beautiful Examples of iPad Finger Painting
Bethel Park schools: Readin' and writin' and iPads - September 3, 2010
BI firm takes iPads over laptops - Sept 13, 2010
Breaking New Ground in Special Education with the iPad - Oct 2010
Cabinet members getting iPads to reduce paper use - Sept, 2010
California Schools Pilot iPad Agebra Curriculum - Sept 8, 2010
Colleges and Schools Deploying the iPad (updated list)
Congress May Embrace the iPad - Dec 30, 2010
Copy Your Photos to the iPad
CourseSmart Gives Students Instant Access to College Textbooks
Education Departments Go Wild for the iPad
Educational Apps (Blog)
ePub Bud (Free & low cost children's eBooks for the iPad)
Every Student (Ages 5 - 16) Gets an iPad in Scottish School! - Nov 2010
Exploring the Impact of the iPad on Schools and schooling - ongoing
Florida Schools Get iPads for Classrooms and Administrators - October 2010
GFW School District iPad Use Policy
Henry County Students Armed With iPads - Sept 7, 2010
How Do I Import Photos from an SD card to My iPad?
How The iPad is Changing Med School - Sept 13, 2010
I confess: I bought an iPad (and so far I love it) - July 22, 2010
iHelp Autism for Autism - August 11, 2010
Interesting Ways to Use the iPad in the Classroom (updated constantly by various teachers giving real-life examples of how they use different apps in the classroom)
iPad Answers - ongoing forum
iPad Apps for Education from ISTE - July, 2010
iPad Apps Supporting VGA/Composite/Component Out (Updated frequently)
iPad as an Educational Tool -April, 2010
iPad Curriculum - collection of the best in applications, practices, and deployment of the iPad as a learning device.
IPad Facilitates E-textbook Revolution at U.S. Schools
iPad for Users with Disabilities
iPad Forum
iPad Helps Disabled Communicate - December, 2010
iPad Memory Card/USB Adapter Released
iPad: More Than A Gadget - Nov 2010
iPads vs Netbooks in the Science Classroom - YouTube Video of actual classroom
iPad Party: Q & A (90 minute video) April 5, 2010

iPad Pilot Project - School District of Palm Beach County - Wiki of ongoing project

iPad Restriction Settings
iPad Schools - Wiki clearinghouse of applications, lessons ideas and experiences using the iPad in the classroom.
iPad's Are Apple of GFW's Eye
iPad's Promise and How To Use It Now - August, 2010
iPads Are the Apple of GFW's Eye
iPads Installed at JFK Airport
iPads: Personally, Educationally, and Just for Fun
iPod and iPad User Group Wiki (Focus is K-12)
iPad Launch at Trinity College - YouTube video
iPod Literacy
iPod Touch/iPhone for Administrators (Links to Administrator podcasts)
Local, City, and State Governments Finding Uses for iPads - October, 2010
MacWorld iPad Starter Book (free for your iPad. Requires the iBook app)
Quick and free iPad tips from the author of the Missing Manual
Rise of the iKids: Schools test iPads in classrooms Dec, 2010
School Board's Agenda May Go Paperless - October 2010
School District Hopes $30K iPad Purchase Will Improve Teacher Performance - Oct 2010
Six Ways the iPad Will Transform Education - February, 2010
Special Education Apps
Speech and Language Therapy Apps
Supercharge Your iPad Browsing with iCab - May 20, 2010
Teaching With Angst - blog about ongoing experience of the introduction of iPads in a Project Management class
Textbook Publishers Embrace the iPad
The Educational Engineer Blog
The iPad: A Disablility Friendly Device
The iPad as an Educational Tool - July 7, 2010
The Principal's iPad: First Week - Justin Baeder is a public school principal in Seattle, Washington.
Tips for Typing on the iPad
Tools for school – Digital document annotation on an iPad, iPod Touch, or laptop - June 15, 2010
Top 10 Ways the iPad Will Change Education
Tricks and Tutorials
Turn Your iPad into a Whiteboard
VGA out Apps (July 2010)
Virginia Using iPads To Teach Social Studies - Oct 21, 2010
Volume License Program Explained
Volume License Program Step-By-Step
What are the policy issues around One-to-One iPad deployment? - Ongoing discussion
Why the iPad Absolutely Matters (By Matthew E. Rich, Ed. D., a principal at an elementary school in suburban Chicago. It’s a great perspective from progressive educator.)
Why the iPad is for Content Creation in Education
Why iPads are Educationally ‘in’ - Nov 2010
Why One Company Bought 4,500 iPads - Oct 2010
with iPads - updated list of apps

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